My Evil Twin on Mamalode

Have you heard of Mamalode? The CEO of BlogHer called it "america's best parenting magazine." I call it nourishment for my mama soul. According to their website, they give us "the truth and each other." Which I love. We are all truth seekers, no? Searching for the truest path to walk upon, the truest version of our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. Because nothing feels as good and right as truth.

I revealed my own significant bit of truth yesterday when Mamalode published my essay, My Evil Twin, an honest look at my struggles as a mother. Here's a snippet:

Since I blog about mindfulness and parenting and my quest to be a better person, people out there think I'm a good mother. Perhaps above average. But the truth is that I am just as fallible as anybody. I blog about mothering because I want to learn and internalize life lessons as I gather them. Writing is a certain catharsis. Publicly sharing my struggles and my epiphanies keeps me accountable.

I'd love for you to check it out and share with your friends if it resonates. No one should have to feel alone in their struggles because truthfully none of us are.