7 Ways to Get Unstuck

Something kinda cool happened the other day. I was rifling through the folders on my hard-working laptop when I found an article that I'd written exactly one year earlier with a specific website in mind. When they didn't want it, I forgot about it. In the past year I've discovered a new website (is it just me or are websites as infinite as the stars in the sky?) that I love even more than that other one. And so I sent in this randomly-found piece and they claimed it just a few hours later.

It made me wonder...what else is hiding out in my computer, waiting patiently to be published? What else is possible?

The article explains 7 Ways to Get Unstuck. It occurred to me that the article itself had to get "unstuck," and paradoxically it took both #3 (Be still and wait) and #7 (Stop waiting) to get there.


image via ceitci.org