By living, we die. We lose our bodies and become the sky. In its essence, life is the continuous process of shedding layers, becoming who we are beneath the flotsam. 

By praying, we hope, we demonstrate faith. Faith is having the audacity to believe in the not-yet-seen. 

By loving, we explode. We are not meant to keep our passion trapped inside. We must let it out into the world so it can burn, clearing space for progress, growing into something greater than ourselves.

This blog and poetry collection explore how we live, pray, and love our way through growth;  it follows the consciousness of becoming our truest selves, our most joyful, purposeful, and mindful selves.

I write through my lens as a mother, feminist, artist, and west-coast soul. Born and raised in Seattle, I currently live in San Francisco.

- Lucy Miller Robinson

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