A place for creative writing.

I created this blog to share my creative writing; mainly poetry but also short stories and responses to writing prompts.

I blog about motherhood, mindfulness and the creative life at Lucille in the Sky.

I am the founder and herbal alchemist of Herbal Philosophy. We craft artisanal remedy teas designed by Mother Nature herself.

I tweet as lucilleinthesky and I keep a photo journal on instagram as lucilleinthesky.

I have a thing for the sky. I named my daughter Skyla.

I have a thing for God in its many iterations. I named my first daughter Giovanna which means God is Gracious.

I write novels when no one is looking. I like to explore themes of authenticity, materialism, addiction and spirituality. If you want to know more about my stories, email me lucy [at] lucilleinthesky [dot] com.

I believe in the words of Henry David Thoreau: all good things are wild and free.