Only a Guess

“Life is suffering.” - The Buddha

You can never know what's wrong with other people

Guessing is only a guess

Projecting is only a projection

Asking is only a question

Knowing is only a square of knowledge,

What’s wrong is a feeling buried

Alone without the proper order of words.

Maybe you can try

To breathe life into the


Maybe you can’t talk it all the way


But talking helps anyways

Maybe it’s small enough to be manageable

Though it scares you how it keeps


Land of the Shot

God save America, land of the shot

Shoot ‘em wherever you can catch ‘em

Off guard—schools streets marathons malls

Festivals nightclubs churches bedrooms—

It’s a life for a life for a bullet

Wedged in the flesh of a form.

Oh God, in America boys will be boys

There’s no crying here but anyone can

Get a gun to be seen to be known

Because violence like sex like guns sell

And politicians can be bought and

The bottom line is not life but power but

Money money money money money.

God, in America no one feels safe

Violence normalized romanticized

Anyways, we need the protection

Anyways, laws don’t do nothing

Let them have their guns, let them

Shoot until there’s no one left to clean

The blood from our white collars.

God help America, land of the mass murder

Massacre land of the sick care health care

Land of fences and walls and camps

World’s strongest military rape culture

Oligarch rich-getting-richer president

Keeping us controlled, confused, divided or



Dopamine of distractions

How easy to misplace our essence among the tangle of life's demands,

the web of routine, the dopamine of distractions. Everyday is a practice in

returning to the dreams we know are true, hunting for beauty in the present, 

accepting discomfort as a roadmap for growth. The forgetting happens less 

as we commit to the remembering, and the gray shimmers like silver.