For this I am grateful.

For the skies Though they cry

We are protected from their blows.

For the earth

Though she ails

Our food still grows from her.

For the trees

Though we cut them

They breathe out what we breathe in.

For the dandelions

Though we pull them

They multiply for the sake of our nourishment.

For the roses

Though we possess them

They infuse our homes with beauty.

For the water

Though we poison it

It flows to quench our thirst.

For the bumble bees

Though we fear them

They spread sweetness where it's needed.

For the spiders

Though we kill them

They catch flies because we cannot.

For the animals

Though we abuse them

They play with us, feed us, love us.

For the small farms

Though the government has failed them

They haven't failed the earth.

For the cities

Though war ravages them

They rise up, striving for change.

For the global economy

Though greed afflicts it

It will soon die and be reborn.

For technology

Though we lean heavily upon it

It has brought us together.

For old friends

Though we've drifted

They will always be a part of who we are.

For best friends

Though we never have enough time

The time we do have spreads across lifetimes.

For family

Though we leave so much unsaid

The hugs we share say everything.

For children

Though we tarnish you with expectation

You are the most perfect, fallible creatures.

For true loves

Though we take you for granted

You make us better.

For the dreamers

Though you see darkness

You look towards the light.

For love

Though you rip hearts

You fill them and mend them.

For Thanksgiving

Though we eat too much

We unbutton our pants and eat more.

My Thanksgiving table, though I did not host Thanksgiving at my home.