Fallen Behind

TimeThe metronome of progress Even when we stop For a break Time marches onward We will have to run To catch up. Fall too far behind and We fear Spending our whole lives Hidden by shadows Chasing light Looking behind clouds To find more clouds Grudges shackled to our ankles Expectations binding our wrists Weights of want And no one within shouting distance.


The fog is thick as dirt Like we are buried Beneath the crust But even underground We are not alone Surrounded by Fungi and worms Moles and insects Billions of micro organisms Pay attention with every sense Notice The movement The earth shifting around us We are the axis Life is on all sides In all cracks No matter how deep We've fallen.

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Frequency of Us

I don't know what I'm looking at anymore We try and try and try again

Some days we get better and somedays we get worse

The sky turns pink and we turn away

The rain falls and we call it a nuisance

The night settles and we go to bed

The morning comes and we waste it away

I don't know what I'm doing anymore

Distractions circumnavigate my head

Doubt settles in my bones

Something isn't right

Materialism Pollution Racism

Sugar Alcohol Gossip Magazines

Impatience Dishonesty Power Wars

I want to jump out of bed in the morning

Drink tea Walk in the rain Salute the sun

Kiss my loves Hold my littles Embrace myself

Write Read Move Learn Teach Love

I have a hunch there's more out there

We are like little ants on one sidewalk on one street

Unseeing past the horizon, unaware of the infinite

The country, the planet, the galaxy, the universe

Matter and energy

Vibrating on the frequency of us.

Tsunami Sirens

The last spray of lemongrassThe first note of deluge, sew Shut the eyes and bare witness To divine intervention, the air Smells heady as cracked leather Ominous like tsunami sirens Betraying the quietude of lingering Waves swallowing with infinite jaws Leaving behind empty sloughed Away skins and skeleton roads From up here on the crest I see Them run, dragging leaden feet As they consider making their Resting place the ocean, cold with Serenity yet welcoming, simple Enough to be swept away like Coming from a lover's touch.


Perhaps we have reached the endForsaken by everything trustworthy Starved by our own prerogative Festering into odious spunk Never mind the shelf life lasts Forever. Our toes point behind us Our fingers point somewhere in The distance, an arabesque into The future, two uneven halves Divided with nothing left for the Now. We mow our grass though It never stops growing, we pay For superfluous insurance just To be safe. We spurn safety For money, we declare war on Life by spraying verdure with Poison, we hedge the present With gold and still moments captured By the lens, immortalized by the Screen, because we matter and Those smiles will someday climax And though we prepare for it, we Will never be ready for it, so what I pray is the point in trying?

Inflections of Doubt

Push yourself keep on keeping onPersistence pays off, hard work will be Rewarded, everything is worth it, honest They lie through sepia-toned teeth

Mine are alabaster, linear and sturdy I brush three times per day and I never Ever floss. I can't stand spitting out Plasma and platelets, red warning signs

Of whats to come. The soul is not Made of sweat nor earth but possibly Sunshine, magical brilliance ripening Fruit, growing greens and euphoria

Nuzzling the center of every nucleus Where questions become answers Simply by losing the question mark And the customary inflection of doubt.

Infinite Loop

I sleep not, rest notEat not, taste not Kiss not, love not Unless I'm with You

Take my fingers I know they're cold, let's Travel to panoramic views Where mountains float like Birds

I'll wait while you collect Souvenirs of this entanglement My wings flapping in rhythm With the cycles of the Moon

Once she's carried me home Turn your face towards heaven I'll return as a raindrop I'll caress your face with Water

There is no end to us As there was no beginning We exist as points upon the circle Repeating this infinite Loop.

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Run. Run far away andPlease do come back, not like A boomerang, like you. I want you rosaceous red Steeped in clouds and sweat, Brown like earth so deep it is Impossible to dig up. Tall like The volcano in the distance Reminding us of our inadequacy. Murderous like the abominable Snowman, not a monster nor a Storybook creation but a man Who kills foxes with his bare Hands and wrestles snarling bears When they've eaten his dog's Heart, leaving the rest to rot. I want the tears of people You've never touched to flow Leaving a trail of crumbs Blue dots in white snow indicating The road you've traveled, like Plastic bottles hanging off of Tree branches. I will always find you You will always find me. Once you've Felt their pain in your kidneys In every compartment of your spine You can return to me. Leave the Remains buried atop the volcano Where there's a view, where his Spirit will want to visit, where we Will want to visit, too. For we are Never far from the paradise we built It lives inside our beating hearts Like a ship in a bottle, filed away under "Secrets" until our brains turn off and we Exist in the context of bright light rather than Love and fear, God's yellow face, the dots Piercing the night sky: stars or airplanes Or alien dimensions.


Brother and Sister

When he comes homeHe brings her a ring Tangerine butterfly trapped In plastic like a song. She touches the wings Trying it on each finger Turning it round and round Like the moon circling earth. He runs, she follows He chases, she runs They fall together Like two crumbling towers. Laughter feeding wild flowers Animals foraging treasures Plants hiding minerals, Making wishes on dandelions And dirt cakes with buried spoons. Romping amongst twilight Awash in pink delight Brother the leader Sister the keeper, No parents allowed Please go back inside.

For this I am grateful.

For the skies Though they cry

We are protected from their blows.

For the earth

Though she ails

Our food still grows from her.

For the trees

Though we cut them

They breathe out what we breathe in.

For the dandelions

Though we pull them

They multiply for the sake of our nourishment.

For the roses

Though we possess them

They infuse our homes with beauty.

For the water

Though we poison it

It flows to quench our thirst.

For the bumble bees

Though we fear them

They spread sweetness where it's needed.

For the spiders

Though we kill them

They catch flies because we cannot.

For the animals

Though we abuse them

They play with us, feed us, love us.

For the small farms

Though the government has failed them

They haven't failed the earth.

For the cities

Though war ravages them

They rise up, striving for change.

For the global economy

Though greed afflicts it

It will soon die and be reborn.

For technology

Though we lean heavily upon it

It has brought us together.

For old friends

Though we've drifted

They will always be a part of who we are.

For best friends

Though we never have enough time

The time we do have spreads across lifetimes.

For family

Though we leave so much unsaid

The hugs we share say everything.

For children

Though we tarnish you with expectation

You are the most perfect, fallible creatures.

For true loves

Though we take you for granted

You make us better.

For the dreamers

Though you see darkness

You look towards the light.

For love

Though you rip hearts

You fill them and mend them.

For Thanksgiving

Though we eat too much

We unbutton our pants and eat more.

My Thanksgiving table, though I did not host Thanksgiving at my home.


VenomSlithers and slices Shoots and fights.

Nature Nurtures and suckles Shackles and kills.

The living Desperate to matter Thirsty for more.

The dead Are gone to us But where did they go?

Other dimensions Far and near As real as this one.

The unknown One step ahead We'll never catch up.

Fear Feeds on the unknown Festers in the faithless.

Faith The only way To be okay.

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